7 Natural Makeup Tips for Daily Use

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    7 Natural Makeup Tips for Daily Use

Less is more

Less is more! Yes! I do agree with this statement. Less makeup (natural makeup) will give more elegant look.

Some woman used to love heavy makeup, and mostly think that nice makeup must be use white foundation colour, though it different with her neck’s colour. Some woman also think that a good makeup is the one that give much difference to their face.

But I’m not agree with that. In my opinion, woman need makeup to enhance their own natural beauty, need makeup to cover their shortcomings and maximized the advantages on their face.

Woman need makeup for a fresh look, and don’t forget to adjust the makeup with the occasion also.

Hereby, I would like to share some natural makeup tips :

  1. For daily look, you can use Balmish Balm cream (BBcream) instead of liquid foundation. Don’t forget to choose the right colour which match with your skin tone. BBcream already contain moisturizer and SPF, so if you have your own moisturizer sunblock cream, don’t apply it too much.
  2. For evening look, you can use liquid foundation or cream foundation. Don’t forget to apply some base makeup before put on the liquid foundation. Base makeup is very important to make the makeup stay glowing.
  3. Apply eyeliner to your eyelid. For natural and daily look, apply a thin line to your eyelid. You can also choose brown colour for more natural look. Then apply mascara to your lashes. Mascara is quite important part in makeup because it will give a very nice look to our eyes.
  4. For evening look, you can apply a thick line to your eyelid. Use black colour for the strong look. Then put on some lashes to make your eyes look good. Choose the right lashes for your eye, adjust with the occasion and outfit that you wear.
  5. For fresh look, don’t forget to apply blush on your cheek. Don’t apply it too much for the natural look.
  6. For evening look, apply Shade in the cheek bone before you put some blush.
  7. And for lipstick colour, choose light and fresh lipstick colour for daily look. for evening look, you can choose more strong lipstick colour or red lipstick also nice for evening occasion.

Every woman need makeup. Make up could change anyone, any girl, any woman. The point is how to put the right and suitable make up in our face.

Always adjust your makeup with the occasion, adjust it with your outfit also. Do not put make up too much because it could make you look older than you are. Too much make up also won’t impress people, but make they stare at you. Less is more.

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